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Start Your Financial Retirement Planning

Don’t get paranoid. I know many of my colleagues who are still building castles in the air on how they will start getting ready for their retirement. Always nice plans but too much sugar coated because they think it is too early.

Time is now. Don’t be fooled by general theories or rule of the thumb that only old guys are the ones responsible for this journey. No, actually it is the end journey of our careers and no one knows what tomorrow holds since market changes are inevitable.

Retirement is not equal to going home and resting. Don’t be excited by the micro achievements of quitting the daily office pressures and thinking now is resting life style. Go home and design a future for your generation.

>>>Who needs the retirement game plan?>>>

You or me? All of us. The earlier the better to start preparation for the rains because by the end of the planting seasons, you only reap what you soar.

If wishes were horses, beggers would ride. The following financial tips listed down as you proceed down to scrolling, contains guidelines for our retirement road map regardless of age as a factor:

f) Run side business; don’t put your eggs in one basket and forgot to invest on the risk management. Just to be certain you land on your feet by the time you are resting your case, let your money work for your by starting a side business either as partnership deal or sole proprietor.

e) Separate assets vs liability; learn to be knowledgeable about assets and liabilities because this will groom your financial discipline and spend with a lot of consideration.

d) Tick up your savings; your savings mean the better future for your family because soon the kids shall have joined college or graduated so is profitable to save.

c) Investment on assets of appreciation; buy lands now so that in future your family will have a spacious home or likewise you can put some businesses on those lands to generate more income.

b) Cut your niche/ pick appropriate life style; don’t follow the crowd because it is adequately profitable to cut your court according to your size.

a) Accumulate your wealth; learn how to redeem your hardwork and keep your family at a warm place when you retire.

>>>Final Remark>>>

Retirement road map is directly dependable with your financial game plan. Put your ears on the ground and invest on new opportunities like in stocks exchange markets just to avoid trying to put your head a above water after your retirement… End thought!